FlashPoint is defining the convergence of Internet and digital content, such as images, video, and music.
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FlashPoint is defining the convergence of Internet and digital content, such as images, video, and music.
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FlashPoint Technology Announces the Availability of KinectUs - The Future of Connected Content

Raleigh, NC - July 19, 2006 - FlashPoint Technology today announced the introduction of KinectUs, a hybrid P2P technology platform. Offered exclusively to select sharing sites and digital content providers, KinectUs is designed for transparent integration into their solutions to enable a more efficient and economical way of sharing digital content.

"Sharing sites and providers are seeking more cost effective ways to tap into the opportunities associated with consumers' fascination with sharing and viewing digital content online" states FlashPoint's chief technology officer, Al Issa. "With its multiple patented technologies, KinectUs is a flexible platform that delivers the speed and economics of P2P with the control and availability of centrally hosted solutions".

KinectUs has been in development for over three years and includes both technology and related IP licenses.

"With memories of the late 90's tech bubble burst still fresh in business leader's minds, the new wave of Web 2.0 companies are conscious of burn rates and want to ensure that they are building offerings with sustainable business models" declares Jens Hillen, President of FlashPoint. "By reducing bandwidth and storage cost and improving their consumer's sharing experience, KinectUs is positioned to offer our partners a competitive advantage and a firm foundation for a successful business model".

About FlashPoint Technology

FlashPoint Technology, Inc. is a leading developer of advanced technology solutions and related intellectual property that is defining the convergence of the Internet and digital content such as images, video, and music.

FlashPoint is a profitable and well-funded private company, founded in 1996. The company's founders have over a half-century of combined experience in digital content research and development. Innovation drives the company's success. With over 80 issued U.S. patents and over 100 U.S. pending patents, FlashPoint is committed to providing its partners a competitive advantage through the development, management, and licensing of intellectual property.

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