FlashPoint is defining the convergence of Internet and digital content, such as images, video, and music.
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FlashPoint is defining the convergence of Internet and digital content, such as images, video, and music.



The 21st century is rich in content, with images, video, and other media being shared across the globe every day.

The challenge for content providers is to make the customer’s sharing experience—as well as the technology that enables it—as efficient as possible. Ultimately, these efficiencies can determine just how profitable a content provider’s business model can be.

To the benefit of providers and users alike, FlashPoint Technology has developed KinectUs, a hybrid P2P sharing platform offered exclusively to select content providers and partners.

With its modular, easily integrated technology, KinectUs takes providers’ cutting-edge solutions off the edge into a new level of functionality. Its multiple patented technologies offer the speed and economics of P2P with the control and availability of centrally hosted solutions.


Better Than Central Hosting

  • Providers control and lower infrastructure and bandwidth cost.
  • New customers attracted by the simpler, almost instant process for sharing content.

Better Than Traditional P2P

  • Users' content available 24x7, even when they are not connected to the Internet.
  • Easy for the average consumer to use, with no need to understand firewall configurations.
  • All personal content access controlled by the user.
  • A standard Web browser (rather than special software) is all that's needed to view content.

Better Than Flying Solo

  • Allows providers to allocate R&D resources more efficiently.
  • Expedites time to market.
  • Boosts providers’ products, widening their future options.
  • Gives access to FlashPoint’s deep pool of content-centric intellectual property.

The KinectUs Platform is comprised of two key components:

KinectUs Client:

  • Invisibly integrated into the digital content provider’s application that resides on the user’s computer. The digital content provider’s application provides the direct interface to the user for content management and manipulation, while the KinectUs Client manages the sharing of all resulting content in the background.
  • Automatically converts a user’s computer into a “digital content server,” which facilitates the sharing of this content directly from the computer.
  • Manages security of the site’s content. Users have the choice to make content public, private, or password protected.
  • Establishes an outbound only connection through the user’s firewall to the KinectUs Server. As a result, requires no configuration changes to the user’s firewall.

KinectUs Server

  • Manages all Internet connections between the user’s computer and guests wishing to view content.
  • Manages a configurable central storage system that can house synchronized content from the user’s computer (making content available even when the user is not connected to the Internet). Rules can be established that remove inactive content from storage, while keeping it available for viewing directly from the user’s computer.
  • Manages operations of the optional KinectDirect module, which provides a managed direct peer-to-peer connection that significantly reduces the bandwidth expenses of the content provider.

Note: KinectDirect is currently under development.

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